Meet Talia Sable

Who am I?

The most honest woman you will ever meet though if you ask for the truth, you may not like it.



And smoking hot.



I like to hang out on the intellectual fringes, exploring the edges of ontologies and remapping worldviews.

Living in our world of irony and post-modernism, I like to return to simpler times. Here’s to the direct, the authentic, the pure, and the unselfconscious.

If you’re a world-mover, a person that sees past our social illusions, or a player in the bigger game, I especially want to meet you.

I’m a petite half-asian with a nice butt. Some quantifiable details:

  • Height: 5’1”

  • Weight: 110 lbs

  • Hips: 37”

  • Waist: 26”

  • Bra size: 32 B

  • Dress size: 2

  • Shoe size: 6.5, IT 36.5

  • Prescription: 20/15, praise Lasik

  • Kinsey score: Shamefully low

  • Climbing best: V3, falling off a V4

  • MBTI type: INTJ

  • Musical Instruments Known: 3



Incall: +$200 (deposit required)

Extensions in-date are $500/hour.

1 hour: $1200 (Yes, you read that right)

1.5 hours: $1000 I don’t like to commute.

2 hours: $1300 I like the part where we meet

3 hours: $1700 and begin to finally connect.

4 hours: $2100 Let’s not rush that part,

6 hours: $2800 let’s take our time and savor it.

South Bay, North Bay: +$200 (deposit required)

San Jose: +$300 (deposit required)

12 hours, daytime: $5500

14 hours, night time: $5500

24 hours: $7000

If we get along well, let’s discuss a longer visit!


The Ground Rules

I require two references from providers you’ve met within the past six months. If you don’t have references available, I might still be able to meet you. In that case, please provide me with your full name, phone number, and LinkedIn profile or picture of your ID. If it’s our first time meeting, keep in mind that the screening process takes time — I won’t be able to make a same day appointment.

All incalls require a $500 deposit, payable in cryptocurrency, uber giftcards, or amazon giftcards (send to If you have to cancel less than 24 hours before our meeting, I require a cancellation fee of 50%.

The donation should be placed in a plain white envelope. In public, do not mention the envelope, but provide it discreetly, like in a gift bag or with a birthday card. In private, leave it somewhere in plain sight and excuse yourself to the restroom.


Favorite dining

SF: Acquerello, Tosca, Prospect, Quince, Iza Ramen, Samovar Tea Lounge, The Rotunda

I’d really enjoy trying Credo, Benu, Bouche, or Rintaro with you for my first time.

East Bay: Chez Panisse, Oliveto, Millenium

I still need to try Pucquio and Ippuku.

Favorite things

Dandelion chocolate, blue bottle coffee, universal love and compassion, merlot, bourbon, and cognac

Amazon wishlist. If you buy me something from it, I will give you 3 honest answers to any question (that doesn’t compromise my identity)

Favorite people

Abigail Glass will make you feel like you’re on drugs in the absolute best way.

Mara Blake is the most badass dancer, lithe and on fire. Do you like intense? I do.

They’re my favorite people! Check them out and tell them I said hi. Buy them something nice.



If we’ve met before, email me at to set up our next meeting. The more info you include up front, the sooner we’ll be able to see each other! I love personal emails that show me something honest about you.

Follow me on Twitter. I regularly update it with new(d) pictures to show you that I’m a real person after all.